Welcome to discover our journey step by step, here you will be able to check the different phases our project will take in order to achieve our business plan and meet our long-term strategic goals.



Hatching Egg

  • Engage with our community through Telegram and Twitter, creating a vibrant hub of interaction.

  • Launch international marketing campaigns catering to diverse communities, including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and more.

  • Implement rigorous safety measures and conduct a thorough audit to ensure a secure environment for our investors.

  • Witness the hatching of our project through an exclusive WL presale event.


Breathing Fire


Flying High

  • Introduce Staking and Governance, empowering our community to play an active role in the project's evolution.

  • Venture into the NFT realm, adding artistic value to our ecosystem and creating unique opportunities for our supporters.

  • Achieve Cross-Chain Compatibility, ensuring our dragon soars seamlessly across different blockchain landscapes.

  • Implement community strengthening strategies, fostering a bond that stands the test of time.


Granting Wishes

  • Unveil the secret utility that sets Baby Shen Long Token apart, announcing it to the world.

  • Pave the way for Global Adoption by continuing development and fostering innovation.

  • As we trace the path forward, a new world unfolds, promising boundless opportunities for our DRAGON and the entire crypto community.

  • Enhance user experience with a Dextools update, ensuring seamless navigation and accessibility.

  • Secure listings on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, AveDex, Moontok, and NTM, establishing our presence across major platforms.

  • Unleash our dragon's fire with an aggressive Social Media Marketing Rollout, igniting interest and excitement.

Embark on this journey with us, and together, let's create a legacy that echoes through the ages. The adventure has just begun, and the Dragon is ready to spread its wings.